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Vehicle transportation /towing company's are an essential service, more than ever anticipated! Allowing the correct transportation company to manage your customers requirements is more important than ever. In today's environment making the right choice for your company based on time and economics is a value added service. Express Roadside Recovery Inc., is committed to providing service beyond compare.

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Express Roadside Recovery Inc., has been registered since July 26th, 2001

Express Roadside, is a company focused on salvage transportation and the moving of repairable vehicles by controlling the cost of towing for various agreements we hold. The company is currently securing vehicles for various insurance companies. Express Roadside presently handles pick ups, payouts and special assignments for vehicles from body shop to body shop for our clients. Express Roadside is often called upon to handle long distance and special pick up's of vehicles, repairable or total loss within Ontario and Quebec and the continental USA.

At Express Roadside we partner with our clients, customers and employees to deliver exceptional service and value to our customers by creating and developing new ways of handling the towing of their vehicles.

Our Service

  • We currently Service Southern Ontario for our clients as well as many long distance pick ups to several Canadian cities and cross border runs to the USA.
  • We service on a daily basis London to Niagara Falls, Hamilton to the Waterloo region, as far north as Collingwood and as far east as Peterborough, Belleville area.
  • Vehicles are picked up within a 24 hour time frame for most areas.
  • Long distance runs are within a reasonable time period based on distance.
  • Free storage for our Clients
  • Free indoor storage.
  • 24 hour access for removal of Insured's of personal property.
  • 24 hour access for insurance appraiser to see vehicle.
  • 24 hour alarmed and gated facility with security camera's.
  • Office for appraiser.
  • All trucks are manned with operators who have 5 or more years of experience driving a tow truck.
  • Full insurance is carried on all tow trucks with a minimum of $2 million dollars of liability as well as full cargo coverage.
  • All trucks are available to make payouts to a body shop or facility when required at anytime.
  • Our team is dedicated to making it right.

Our Equipment

  • Light duty towing
  • Medium duty towing
  • 3 car carriers
  • Flat bed tow trucks

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Express Roadside Recovery Inc.
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